Rose Rush

by Maison Du Silks


Gorgeous Floral Printed Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Scarf with an Antique Vibe.

We Specialize in Custom Abstract Mulberry Charmeuse Silks! 



  1. 100% Silk
  2. Digitally printed in high resolution using state of the art technology
  3. Meticulously hemmed for even finished look
  4. Generous amount of fabric which accommodates all hair types.
  5. 40” x 40”
  6. Weight= 35 grams


All our fabric (except our raw silk) is 100% Pure Mulberry Charmeuse Silk. The term mulberry silk refers to the type of silk. The silk worms eat an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves during their lives.  Charmeuse refers to how the silk fibers are weaved. Therefore, our silk is both charmeuse and pure mulberry!

Pure charmeuse silk is considered hypoallergenic, moisturizing, and even anti-aging. It is strong and luminous but never slippery.

Our Silk Products are the Highest Quality available. Maison Du Silks, meaning Home of Silks, provides nothing less than Top notch Handmade Pure Silks for your pleasure.

Your purchase from Maison Du Silks helps support career growth for US Citizens as well as contributes to the building of inner city small businesses.