What is Momme(mm) thread

 Great Question!
 When it comes to the very best in High Quality Real Mulberry and Charmeuse silk, Momme's the word!

 So what is Momme (mm) thread? Allow us to Enlighten you my stylish friend!

Momme is Japanese form of weight measurement. Pronounced “moe-mie” and abbreviated as “mm,” momme expresses the weight (in pounds) of a piece of material sized 45 inches by 100 yards. For example, a 100 yard bolt of 19mm 45” silk would weigh 19 pounds.

So what does that really mean to the average person looking to buy silk sheets?

The easiest way to explain what momme means to a silk scarf buyer is to give you an analogy.

Most people know that the quality of cotton scarves s measured by thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality, which results in a higher price. 

Similarly, the quality of pure silk scarves is measured by Momme weight. Higher Momme equals higher quality.

An increase in Momme results in a heavier, stronger, more durable silk. Silk that is 17 Momme or lower is considered lightweight and is typically used for delicate, gently-used items such as light blouses or summer scarves.

Creating high quality silk head and body scarves and pillows is our mission. Light weight silk is less expensive but results in an inferior product. All silk products from Maison Du Silks are made from silk that is 19 Momme.

All Maison Du Silks  products are made with high quality care and are created with Grade A 100% pure Mulberry silk. Every silk scarf and silk pillowcase is triple-checked for quality and imperfections. Don't believe us, test it our yourself! **

19mm pure silks are the perfect blend of sophistication, durability, luxury and affordability. 19 mm  Mulberrysilks are made for daily use and routine laundering. With proper care, the luster, sheen and usability will last for a great length of time. Unlike cotton and polyester, our 19 mm silks are seamless, resulting in uninterrupted smoothness and silkiness.

Regardless of the weight you choose, our naturally hypoallergenic silks will provide you with the health benefits, beauty and sophistication that you’re looking for in luxury head and body scarves.

Browse through our pages to find the silk scarf that speaks to you. With so many styles, colors and designs available, you’ll find the perfect scarf and  or silk pillowcase that your bed is calling for.

 Not sure how to wear your new Mulberry silk scarf? Check out our video to learn of new ways to rock your silk!

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