Why Choose Mulberry Charmeuse Silk?

Silk Is The Queen of All Fabrics

  • Silk is a quality investment with long lasting benefits for your hair and skin
  • Mulberry Silk is highly absorbent and has cooling properties which allows your skin to breath more easily.
  •  Mulberry Silk has anti- aging properties which is beneficial for all skin- types.
  • Unlike most other fabrics, silk prevents irritation, itching, and poor sleep quality
  • Mulberry charmeuse silk sleep scarves are ideal for sleeping as they protect your hair from drying out and becoming frizzy
  • Silk fabric acts a natural conditioning cap while you sleep by retaining moisture, and preventing hair breakage from cotton pillowcases
  • Mulberry Charmeuse silk head wraps can be worn interchangeably as head scarves, turbans, hijabs, or a traditional body scarves.

Need more validation?

Looking for fun ways to wear your Mulberry Silk, Check out this great Video .