About Maison Du Silks

Maison Du Silks, meaning "House of Silks" strives to live up to our name. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality in mulberry charmeuse silk scarves and accessories. We carry handmade, long-lasting silk products that add protection to your sensitive hair and skin. We want to be your go to retailer for all things mulberry silk!

We offer luxurious 100% mulberry silk head scarves and shawls with vibrant and ethnic designs. Our goal is to provide luxury silk sleep scarves, which can also be worn during the day, and are made from 100% mulberry silk. We also carry other silk accessories to meet all your self-care needs. Other fun and vibrant scarves are mainly made of cotton or synthetic fabrics, which are damaging on the hair and drying for your skin. Our 100% pure mulberry scarves can be creatively and confidently worn regret-free.

Charmeuse silk is hypoallergenic and protects curly hair from breakage. Our goal is to preserve your curls, and prevent the frizz! Our vibrant scarves exudes culture and island influence. Our scarves not only supports your hair health, but also preserves your hair styles, and protects your skin from fine lines and aging. Silk is a natural protein with anti-aging properties and long lasting benefits. Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk prevents irritation, itching, and poor sleep quality!

 Like Oscar de la Renta said “Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand”.