What is Momme(mm) thread

Great Question!
When it comes to the very best in high quality real mulberry charmeuse silk, momme's the word!

So what is Momme (mm) thread? Allow us to enlighten you my stylish friend! Momme is to silk what thread count is to cotton. The higher the momme, the higher the silk quality. Since silk is a natural fiber, this results in higher prices than many other textiles.
Momme is Japanese form of weight measurement. Pronounced “moe-mie” and abbreviated as “mm,” momme expresses the weight (in pounds) of a piece of material.
What You Need To Know:
The higher the momme, the stronger the fabric. Typically, silk that is less than 19mm  is considered lightweight and is mainly used for delicate, items such as scarves! Our sleep scarves are comprised of 19mm charmeuse silk giving it a gorgeous natural sheen, smooth feel, and making it the perfect weight to for a head wrap.
Creating high quality silk head and body scarves and pillows is our mission. Our sleep scarves and scrunchies are unique and handmade from purest charmeuse silk fabric in the USA. Our scarves range from 9mm to 12mm for the abstract printed silk scarves to 19mm for the sleep scarves. All Maison Du Silks  products are made with high quality care and are created with Grade A 100% pure Mulberry silk. Every silk scarf and silk pillowcase is triple-checked for quality and imperfections. Don't believe us, test it our yourself! **
With proper tender, love, and care, the luxurious sheen and soft silky texture will last for many years to enjoy.
Regardless of the weight you choose, the benefits of wearing silk scarves are unmatched. Silk reigns queen of all fabrics because of its hypoallergenic properties, and long lasting skincare and haircare benefits.
Not sure how to wear your new Mulberry silk scarf? Check out our video to learn of new ways to rock your silk!
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