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Protect your hair and your look with this Mulberry silk sleep scarf! Lily is a beautiful high quality protective night scarf that is sure to provide a smooth restful nights sleep.

Item details:

  1. Handmade item
  2. 3mm French Seam
  3. Made in USA
  4. 19mm (momme) Mulberry Charmeuse silk fabric
  5. 30”x 30’’
  6. All our fabric (except our raw silk) is 100% Pure Mulberry Charmeuse Silk.
  • The term mulberry silk refers to the type of silk. The silk worms eat an exclusive diet of mulberry leaves during their lives. Charmeuse refers to how the silk fibers are weaved. Therefore, our silk is both charmeuse and pure mulberry!


Our  sleep hair wraps are made in the USA from 19mm Grade A Mulberry Silk Charmeuse. Our hair scarves promote healthy hair care, and are protective for natural hair, and every hair type.

19mm (thread count) Mulberry Silk Charmeuse silk scarf can be worn throughout the day and overnight for maximum for protection. Our silk sleep scarves are all made in the USA

Charmeuse is 19 mm, which refers to the weight of the silk, is very high-quality Premium Grade A silk. The higher the momme, the more luxurious the fabric, and is more suitable for a variety of uses. Charmeuse is considered the highest grade in the industry.

30” x 30” is the perfect length if you have a lot of hair and will allow for more versatile hairstyles.
3mm rolled machine hem-this is an extremely fine, non-noticeable hem. 


100% charmeuse silk (mulberry) on front and back sides. 
19mm (momme) 16-19mm is generally used for pillowcases/bedding, 19mm is considered very high-quality charmeuse
Hand sown- French seamed, which means all sleep scarves are double seamed to hide the rough edges of the fabric.

Our Silk Products are the Highest Quality available. Maison Du Silks, meaning Home of Silks, provides nothing less than Top notch Handmade Pure Silks for your pleasure.

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